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My blog is mainly vintage & retro fashion based, however I have started writing a lot more lifestyle, baking and travel posts. So therefore my posts cover a larger type of audience, however primarily my passion is vintage fashion and that's what I enjoy most writing about. I am also therefore building up a bigger following across social media platforms.

I do accept product reviews as I love to promote and write honest opinions about what I think about different items and also when I have really loved something. As my blog is mainly vintage based I will only accept and write a review on something that I feel goes with the theme of my blog and that my readers would be interested in. I am also happy to do this through my instagram page which is continually growing.

I would also be really interested in collaborating with other bloggers or brands, especially when they are fashion or vintage based. So let me know if you have any ideas.

I am also happy to write sponsored posts as long as they are in keeping with my blog and what I consider to be interesting to my type of readers and I will notify my readers that the post is sponsored or if I have been gifted a product.

If you are interested in doing any work with me and my blog Florence May Vintage just contact me through:

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