3 Completely Thrifted Outfits

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If you know me at all you will know I love nothing more than thrifting clothing. I especially love it when I can put together an entire outfit which has been collected completely from secondhand/vintage shops. I have really enjoyed setting myself the challenge of putting together completely thrifted outfits recently. 

This first one is made up of: a vintage New York tshirt from a thrift shop in New York itself, gingham trousers from a charity shop & my amazing new pair of Doc Martens thrifted from depop. Outfit total = £55 this is actually the priciest outfit because the Doc Martens were £40 which is amazing compared to what they would be new and they are perfectly good.  I really love this outfit & it feels super summery.

This one is made up of: vintage tshirt, denim dungarees from Jemporium Vintage, kimono from a jumble sale and my glasses from a charity shop. Outfit total= £25.50 

And the last one is: another tshirt from Brooklyn Flea in New York, amazing blue trousers from a thrift shop in NYC, vintage leather bag and vintage sandals from a charity shop. Outfit total = £37 I love this outfit soooo much, its so bright and happy and all the pieces I am wearing remind me of good times and thinking of where they originated is so interesting.

So there you go 3 of my fave recent completely secondhand outfits. Like I said I love putting together an entire outfit where all the pieces are from different places, I think it makes some of my most interesting looks. I hope you liked seeing a tiny snippet of some of my fave secondhand things! 

Let me know in the comments what your fave thrifted/vintage find is recently.

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