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So the other weekend I managed to see one of my fave bands in the world perform live right in front of my eyes and therefore cross something off my bucket list. As you might have seen from my instagram pictures and stories me and my sister went to Latitude Festival. I was really excited to check it out as we love going to festivals and we had never been to Latitude before and the line up looked amazing.

There was sooo much to look round and I can't explain enough how much detail the festival went into all the different stalls and decorations and just down to the little details it all looked so amazing so we spent a while when we first went in, just looking around everything there was to see and the different stages and stalls. 

The stalls included numerous vintage clothing, charity stalls which were amazing filled with secondhand goodies and wacky vintage pieces. This is one of my fave combinations - festivals & thrift stalls!! So we had a lot of fun rummaging through second hand treasures to start off the day. We then wandered further into the festival and through the woods where the Radio 1 introducing stage was tucked away amongst the trees and surrounded with vintage sofas and chairs to relax and listen to music. There was also pieces of artwork scattered around in the trees and the whole festival had a real arty theme to it overall.

We then sat by the main stage for a while, laying out in the sunshine listening to various bands play including firstly seeing Lucy Rose which sounded so lovely in the summery afternoon and it was so chilled out which I really enjoyed. We spent the rest of the afternoon just relaxing and looking around a bit more of the festival and watching some opera on the lake stage which was really cool! And the atmosphere was starting to build up for Mumford and Sons performing on the main stage which most people seemed super excited for. But before them we saw Two Door Cinema Club play and they were really good and Leon Bridges played just before Mumford & Sons which I was surprised at how  much I loved his performance as I hadn't listened to much of his music so that was pretty cool.

And then of course it was time for Mumford! By this time we had managed to get to the second row from the stage. I was absolutely buzzing by the time they were coming onto stage and they really exceeded my expectations. Like I knew for sure they would be amazing but their performance live is just even better than hearing them recorded. I just can't even describe the atmosphere whilst they were on stage with everyone jumping and singing at the top of their voices. And for their song believe they got everyone to get the lights on their phones which I turned around and saw the thousands of people behind me and it jus felt like such an amazing moment. I was tearing up at quite a few songs throughout their set as I was just in such a happy moment being there.

Overall the day was amazing from start to finish and I'm so glad to have experienced Latitude festival especially as I'm happy to spend the day at any festival but this one was super special.

Have you visited Latitude festival? Or have you been to any festival recently & what did you think?

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