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So the other weekend I did something super fun - a mud run for charity! Now for some it this wouldn't be viewed as much fun at all however I had a totally amazing day taking part in a Pretty Muddy 5k run in aid of Race for Life (Cancer Research UK) This is an amazing charity that means a lot to me personally as my mum went through having Cancer and is now fully recovered and she also took part with me which was great. I know this charity means a lot to so many others as well which is why the events they create have an amazing atmosphere and you really feel like you are coming together with so many different people that have different experiences to do with Cancer. I obviously love to shop in Cancer Research charity shops as many of you will be aware! but I also wanted to try out taking part in one of their events.

I wanted to just put a little blog post together about the day and what to expect if you are thinking about doing a Race for Life or any type of charity run and also I wanted something to look back at about my day. Firstly, I was quite nervous about the event as I hadn't done any sort of charity run before and I didn't really know what to expect. However once at the event I relaxed a bit as the entertainment and seeing other people finishing the race made me feel more chill about the whole thing. I also hadn't done any specific training for the run even though I work out regularly I wasn't sure how I would find the race. But again once I was there I found out that most people hadn't done any training for the run, they were just giving it a go and the whole atmosphere isn't competitive but just fun and inspiring. 

It was really easy to know where to go and what to do to start your section of the run and you are in quite a big group of other women so it sort of feels like you are all working together. The warm up just before the race starts really pumps you up and just makes you really excited to get going. I actually found most of the obstacles and muddy sections really easy to get through and we got through the whole course a lot quicker than I thought. Overall the day was just so much fun and it felt great to be taking part and doing our bit to raise money for Cancer Research UK. And I would say if you are thinking of doing a Pretty muddy run for Cancer Research or any charity run or walk, definitely give it a go! They are really good fun especially in a group of friends or family and you feel so good to have taken part afterwards!

You can still donate to my fundraising page here. And be sure to check out Cancer Research to see how you can take part in beating Cancer sooner. 

Let me know if you have taken part in charity run or walk and how you found it!

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  1. Well done Daisy, glad you enjoyed the run! :-)

  2. This is nice. You have inspired us to jump into the bandwagon of athletics and 5K, 10K runs.
    We would try this and cover it in our upcoming posts.

    Wish to take my Blogsite also to such heights. Would be glad if you guys have a look @ and share your valuable feedback.


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