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T shirt - Brooklyn Flea, $10     Trousers - Cure Thrift Shop, $15

Hello and happy Thursday to you! As you may have seen from my last post here I visited New York City earlier this month and had an amazing week exploring + doing quite a bit of thrift/vintage shopping. I picked up some really great pieces whilst I was there so I thought I would share with you guys what I brought!

Firstly I picked up quite a few bits from Cure Thrift Shop in the really funky East Village. This is somewhere I had tracked down on instagram and I knew I had to pay a visit. There was so much in their store I wanted but I just got a few things. I brought these 2 amazing pairs of 70s trousers in blue and green and I just fell for these instantly. As culottes are so in at the moment and they are basically what I live in during the summer I thought they were perfect at $15 each. I also brought these floral shorts for $24, New York tshirt for $10 and this amazing floral wall hanging for $15.

Floral Shorts - Cure Thrift Shop, $24

Flower wall hanging - Cure Thrift Shop, $15

Green trousers - Cure Thrift Shop, $15

Kimono - Forever 21, $28       T shirt - Cure Thrift Shop, $10

Shirt -Forever 21, $16

I also picked up a few bits from the Forever 21 store in times square. Which is so massive by the way, in fact I think its the 2nd largest Forever 21 in the world! So it did take me a while to take in everything they had for sale, but I did end up just getting a few things. This amazing long burnt orange kimono which was $28, 2 flower crowns and this baggy shirt for $16.

On one of the days we visited Brooklyn and spent the morning strolling around a Flea Market where there were sooo many vintage goodies to be had. I got these 3 amazing tshirts from a stall fun of 80s & 90s tees, mainly US themed. I have wanted to get some new tshirts for sooo long and these are just perfect! I especially love how I got them actually from America and the prints are just so cool and unique which I also love. They were $10 each which I thought was super reasonable.

Whilst at the Flea Market I also brought this amazing vintage New York City flag. And its just one of those things I would never see in the UK and plus it wouldn't be as cool for a UK city anyway! But its just so unusual and an amazing part of history and its just so pretty anyway I think and thought it would look great in my room. And now I just have a super cool memento of New York. This was $37 but I just thought its so unique so I had to get it.

I also brought a super cute, vintage, animal print skirt from the Flea Market and again I just love how unusual it is!

I also went to quite a few Goodwill stores and I picked up a few goodies from those stores. I found this amazing patterned shirt along with these really cool patterned shorts as well which I thought would be really great for summer and the length is also really good as I don't like them too short. These were $5 and $6. I also found this smart style dress whilst in a goodwill for $6 and again I thought was quite different with it's Aztec print.

Patterned Shirt - Goodwill $5

Aztec Dress - Goodwill, $6

Shorts - Goodwill, $6

One thing that isn't obviously vintage is this book I picked up from Chelsea Market. It is basically street style photos from a few cities from around the world. And its just so interesting to flick through, I love looking at photography like this that is so spontaneous & I think is a great record of fashion in the time we are living. The author has also written a men's fashion version of the book.

And one last thing I brought that I lovvvee isn't vintage again but it's this amazing Van Gogh Starry Night print makeup bag from the Museum of Modern art that we visited on one of our days in New York. It is so cool and amazing for storing anything really but I use it as a makeup bag. And this was actually in the sale for just $9!

And that is pretty much all I picked up in New York along with the usual souvenirs. I loved checking out some of the thrift and vintage shops there, along with the Flea Market in Brooklyn too. I am going to be putting up another blog post of my review of the best places to shop vintage & secondhand in NYC, let me know if you'd be interested in that!

Have you ever been to New York? If so what gems did you buy whilst you were there?

Daisy x

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  1. I love accessories and the cloths that you wear :). You look good. I love vintage, retro, boho and hippie things so your blog is so good about that :).

    1. Ahh thankyou so much! That's really sweet :) x


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