Ikea Haul

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I recently had a super fun trip to Ikea, mainly just to have a look round, jump on all the beds! & maybe pick up some homeware bits. We had a nice time just getting some interior ideas for the home and I did manage to buy just a few things for my bedroom that I had wanted for a while so I was happy about that.

I thought I'd share with you guys the few bits I brought as I think Ikea has some really nice homeware things in at the moment. 

Firstly I picked up this lovely bamboo/wooden style lampshade. I wanted a new lampshade for my room and I saw this one which is a really good quality and was only £15, which I thought was a good price. It looks really pretty and creates a warm lighting in the room which I looovvee.

I also got this amazing, beautiful embroidered cushion for £15 as well which I think is also a good price for how good it looks and the quality of it. I am super happy with how cute it looks with the rest of my bedding.

The other thing I brought was an artificial ivy plant as I wanted so ivy plants to drape around my room so I just took apart the plant and attached bits of the ivy together to make a bunting, which I've hung around my door frame and my mirror. The plant was only £5.

The last thing I picked up from this Ikea trip was this African style pot which I just thought would look really nice as a piece of decor in my room and I've just put some artificial plants in there.

And that's everything I picked up from Ikea. Only a little haul this time but I am really happy with what I got! Have you picked up any homeware things recently?


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