A 70s Skirt

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You know when you purchase that one item especially if it's a vintage piece, that your just like "yes this was a good decision." Well I got this recently when I brought this amazing 70s suede skirt for just £15! I can just tell I'm going to get so much wear out of it and it's just perrffecct. 

I picked it up at one of Judys Vintage Fairs that I was actually trading at and I spotted the skirt just before the fair was open to customers from the lovely Joanna from Retro Bambi. So I obviously snapped it up. I've always wanted a genuine 1970s suede skirt so I was glad I finally got an amazing one! I love how it's super versatile, like I can wear it smartly but also I could wear it super casually with a slogan tshirt tucked in and doc martens. And with the weather looking alot more on the sunny side recently I am excited to actually get my legs out a bit with skirts and shorts. And even thought this skirt is obviously on the thicker material side I think it would be perfect for this in between stage before the summer. This has easily become my favorite skirt I own at the moment and I can't believe what a bargain it was too. It just shows if you want that vintage piece enough you will eventually find the perfect thing. 

Also on another note I just want to say a big thankyou to all my lovely instagram followers for helping me reach 1.5k. Big hugs to you all!

What vintage pieces have you picked up recently?


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  1. I am literally in love.. you found an absolute gem with this skirt! I am loving your blog by the way, so impressed with it pretty lady! x


    1. Ah thankyou so much! So sweet of you, thanks for reading :) x


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