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I picked up an amazing vintage 70s floral dress recently from Jemporium Vintage in Cambridge and I wanted to share it's beauty with you!

I love the colours of this dress and just think it's so easy to put with different outfits so I had to snap it up especially as it was only £22. I do naturally tend to magnetise towards 70s pieces as I always love the style of them and the colours normally draw me in. 

I do try and get inspo especially from different fashion accounts on instagram but I also do end up just buying vintage pieces that I totally fall for and I can imagine wearing myself and will just love wearing. Since buying this dress a couple of weeks ago I have already worn it a number of times, including tucking it into jeans as it is quite short and can quite easily go into mom or skinny jeans. I love wearing things like this that make me feel interesting and quirky but also has that trend factor too as 70s style is in a lot of the time recently. However I have and will always love 70s fashion whether it is 'in' or not, and I'm sure many of you will agree that is the magic of vintage!

What vintage items have you picked up recently?


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  1. your blog is so inspiring! keep it up and post more frequently please : D

    1. Ahh thankyou so much! I will try hehe thankyou :)


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