Falling for Frida

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Hello there! It's been a while since I have uploaded a post. I've just been super busy with usual life things and my blog has basically taken the brunt of that unfortunately! However I do have a new blog post for you today!
When I like something I sometimes get a little obsessed with buying a lot of items based around that thing or basing my artwork a lot around it. I am totally loving Frida Kahlo, I have always loved her as a person and all she achieved in her life and her style is also amazing! I have recently found some cute bits and pieces like this Frida patch from Beyond Retro and this little book about her life with pretty illustrations that I picked up from the Notting Hill bookshop. I also have been doing lots of artwork surrounding her including an embroidery piece I am still working on.
She's an amazing woman and I love having bits of artwork and other bits and bobs around my room featuring her, having artwork and little snippets featuring something you love brings a real nice feel to a bedroom or house.
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  1. Hello! I adore your instagram account, could you maybe do a blogpost about how you edit your photos? They are always so lovely <3

    1. Thankyou so much!! Yes that's a great idea I will definitely give it a go. That's so kind! ♥☺️

      Leave your Instagram in a comment so I can check yours out too.


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