Weekend in London - Portobello Road

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I spent my weekend in one of my favourite places for vintage and second hand shopping, London! Specifically Portobello Road Market and Camden. Me and my mum planned to go there for the weekend and just basically do some serious vintage shopping. We had a great time exploring and picking up some bargains so I thought I'd put together some of my thoughts and photos.

Firstly I thought I'd talk about our day spent at Portobello Road. This is somewhere I hadn't actually been to before in London but I was excited to explore the area and look at some antique stalls and vintage shops. 

I really enjoyed wandering around the pretty Notting Hill area and looking at all the houses and arty streets. We got there pretty early just as stalls and shops were opening so we were able to catch a few bargains early on. Whilst we were there in the morning it was reasonably quiet too without massive crowds straight away which I wasn't expecting so that was a bonus. I would say though that the antique stalls and shops were on the pricey side and also a few of the vintage shops are quite expensive, which is kind of to be expected in parts of London. However some of the vintage clothing stalls were really cheap so you kind of have to be willing to have a rummage through different places if you want to find some bargains in Portobello.   

I did love this area of London and the side streets with shops like the Notting Hill bookshop and the fanciest charity shops you will have ever seen! There were also lots of artwork and cute places like the electric cinema scattered around which I think for me really does add to my enjoyment of a place even if I don't pick up too many vintage items.

Later, after we had finished looking around Portobello market we decided to get back on the tube and go to Oxford Circus and Soho as I wanted to visit the Beyond Retro shop there. Again this is another part of London I have been to a few times and getting into evening time the hustle and bustle makes it quite exciting. The Beyond Retro store there was actually pretty big, even though from the outside it does look squeezed into a terrace house size building. The atmosphere in there was really cool and it was really well stocked for more of a smaller store. I picked up a cute vintage jumpsuit whilst I was there.

We then decided to finish the day with a Wagamamas and head back to our hotel. On Sunday we went off to Camden Market to get some more vintage gems and explore a bit more. I will be putting the blog post of that day up later this week so look out for that one too!

Have you ever been vintage shopping in London? Where are your favourite hangouts?

Daisy x

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