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You may have read my previous post, which was all about my weekend away in London and exploring Portobello market. If you haven't read that post yet head over to it and give it a read! 

As well as having an amazing time wandering around the Notting Hill area and checking out all the antique shops and stalls in Portobello road, we also then headed to Camden Lock Market on Sunday. Unlike Portobello I have been to Camden before as you may have seen from one of my very early blog posts here. But I was itching to go back there as before I didn't have a very thorough look round and I wasn't selling vintage back then. So I was super excited to go back there and have a proper look round all of the secondhand and vintage places.

Camden is definitely one of my favorite places to visit in London, as its just such a nice area to wander around especially on a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately the weather was very misty and it was freezing but that just meant a lot more stops for warm drinks and Crepes! It's obviously a very quirky and arty place as well so I think that's why I feel very at home there! Again we arrived there pretty early so a few shops weren't quite open yet but we went in a few places we could get into and also stopped to take some quick pics in one of the photobooths there. And then we just starting our shopping! 

Camden is a really cool mixture of antique stalls and vintage shops but you can find all sorts from handmade, crafted goods to vintage clothing and everything in between! We found loads of new vintage and retro shops that we hadn't been into last time we visited which was really fun as I love finding new vintage shops. 

We also went back to one of my fave shops I found last time we were there, St Cyr Vintage. I really love it in there as its always got so much choice of vintage items from dresses to shoes to books about vintage clothing and history. And you can get something whatever your budget for vintage is as some items are as cheap as about £15 and obviously more expensive for really good quality beautiful 1950s pieces. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you are in the area.

If you have ever been there before you will also know that the food stalls are aaammazing! There is just so much choice I can never decide what to get for lunch. But this time we got tempted by a really cool looking pizza place called Voodoo Rays. We each got a massive slice of pizza and delicious fresh salads. Check it out if you are looking for somewhere to eat in Camden especially if you're a fan of pizza.

We had such a fun day wandering around all the stalls and shops and stopping in and out of coffee shops and getting Crepes to warm up! Actually both times I've been to Camden it's been pretty freezing so I would love to go sometime in the summer as it's such a pretty area with the lock and everything just to sit outside and maybe take a boat ride. I brought a couple of items including a bunch of vintage photographs and a vintage silver ring. We also saw the Amy Winehouse statue there which was pretty cool as we hadn't seen that before.

Overall it was just a really lovely day exploring, thrifting and eating. Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Camden before and what adventures you got up to. Also if you haven't been let me know what is your fave place for vintage shopping! Thanks for reading as always!

Daisy x

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