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As you may have seen from my Instagram or previous posts, I have recently set up an Etsy shop. I am really loving having s selection of our stock up on there and it's super exciting when something sells and interacting with customers. I wanted to put together some of my tips. I am not expert at Etsy and have only had my shop open a few months but I do have some tips I've learnt in the short time of being on there that I wanted to share!

Take good detailed photos
This may seem like an obvious point for selling on any site but I think it's so important and sometimes you can neglect it slightly. Especially as I sell mainly clothes on Etsy I think it's a really good idea to get someone or model the clothes yourself as items can look so different when they are on someone. It's also important to take good, clear photographs as it makes your overall shop look a lot more professional.

Research shipping costs
This can be something that seems quite complicated to start with. I remember before I set up my shop I was really worried about getting shipping costs right and how to work prices out but it is super simple once you've tried it a couple of times. And don't be afraid to get the cost of shipping wrong the first few times. I undercharged for my first few items but then you get the hang of how much items cost to post. But I would say it really helps to look up on sending websites how much different weights and size packages cost.

Write detailed descriptions
It's great to give as much info about your item to the customer as possible, especially so they know exactly what they are buying if they purchase. This is really important especially if you are going to be selling vintage items, you want to let the person know what condition the item is in and sizing of a piece of clothing for example. I model the clothes in my shop myself so I think it's a good idea that I write what size and height I am so people can get a rough idea by looking at photographs. 

Make your shop front good-looking!
Obviously if people stumble across your shop front you want it to catch their attention and make them want to look at what you have for sale. This includes setting a good profile photo and shop banner. You can also write little announcements on your shop front which can be like a little message to buyers, all these things just add something extra to your shop. Also to start with why not get a few friends and family to favourite your shop? This means you'll have a few favourites to start with and just means people will find your shop easier and makes it look more appealing. And then obviously when people start buying your things you will get a lot more favourites. 

And those are just a few of my quick tips for starting out on Etsy! Obviously like I said I am no expert and have only had my shop open for a few months but I would really recommend trying it if you have things to sell, what do you have to lose? If you are looking to open a shop just let me know and I can email you so that you earn 40 free listings! 

Let me know what your tips are if you have sold on Etsy!


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  1. I found this very helpful. I especially like your input about shipping costs. It can be easy to overlook the role of shipping cost in the overhead of any business, and I believe that improving in this area will benefit me greatly. Your examples of descriptions were also very helpful and clear. Thank you for the great work!

    Lindsey @ Nosto

    1. Ah that's great to hear! Glad you enjoyed the post. Yeah definitely it can be hard to start with!
      Thanks for reading!

      Daisy x


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