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I haven't blogged in ages, I think I've just been slowly catching up with everything since the end of last year and my blog has just gone on the back burner a little bit. Which I don't want it to and I want to still to aim to put up at least 2 posts a week and I am brimming with ideas for really interesting well thought out blog posts for 2017 it just sometimes takes me a while to put them together and get them up on my blog. However I still keep my instagram very up to date so you can always give that a look as well.

Like most people I am really excited for 2017 and love having a fresh start, a whole year to plan things and make little changes in your life here and there, the adventure begins... I already have quite a a few exciting things planned for 2017 and some very blog worthy things so keep a look out for some good ol' blog posts.

My start to the year was a very nice casual one, by spending New Years eve watching some fireworks and then just chilling out the rest of the day. Then on Monday me and my sister thought we would head into Cambridge to have a look at the sales. And it was so shockingly quiet in Cambridge it was amazing! We went into Primark pretty much as soon as we got there and there were about 10 other people in the whole store! And I love having super chilled shopping trips like that and just getting a few bargains in the sales. 

I also brought an amazing red vintage jumper from Jemporium Vintage in Cambridge, which I decided to do a whole photoshoot on!

I've also been some wintery walks and getting excited about what I'm planning for the year. One thing we've just booked is going to New York again in May! Which I am beyond excited for and planning to do so much exploring and vintage hunting whilst I'm there. And I need to know some great places to shop for vintage & thrift shops in New York so if you have any places you love please let me know!

I hope you had a great New Year and are excited for what 2017 will hole. Let me know in the comments one thing you are most excited for?!

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