Forest getaway

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Last week I had the nicest little getaway in the forest. It's actually something me and my family do every year in January and I always look forward to it so much! We only go away for 5 days and where we stay isn't far at all from where I live but it just always feels like such a nice start to the year and its a really good place to just clear your head and have a proper relaxation time with the family.

We didn't do too much there, most of our days consisted of swimming, snuggling up on sofas and reading or drawing, going out for pancakes or a meal and going on walks around the forest. It's just the perfect sort of holiday for us all and because we have been going there since I was a kid being there instantly gives me a warm, contented feeling as I have so many cherished memories there.  

And although I love traveling and exploring new places I will always love going to this place and having a really chilled family holiday and spending quality time together. It has been the perfect start to 2017 and I am back feeling refreshed and ready to plan more things and trips for the year and also start working at my goals for the year. Although writing this makes me miss being there so much, at least I know we will be going back next year!

Have you been away anywhere yet this year? If so let me know where and why you love it so much in the comments! :)  

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