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I've been working on opening an etsy shop for a little while now. Well in fact it was something I have wanted to do for ages but just never got round to sorting it out. But recently I just decided to go for it especially as over the winter months we don't get to do so many vintage fairs and I've obviously got some more time off work so I thought it would be a great time to start.
I do love the atmosphere of a vintage fair, as you get to meet loads of different people and sell things face to face with people, however I thought having an etsy shop would be a good place to showcase some off a selection of items we sell.

I really enjoy looking through what people have to offer of etsy and the vintage pieces people sell on there are always amazing.

Check out my etsy shop here and show it some love by favouriting it, I'd appreciate it!

Also leave a link in the comments to your shop if you have one or one of fave shops on etsy, I'd love to check them out.

Daisy x

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