Hello December

by - 12:09

I cannot believe its December already. I know most people will probably be saying that but this year has gone crazy fast. Although I wouldn't say Autumn/Winter are my fave seasons I do really love this time of year and there a a few things I am really excited to do throughout the next couple of months as I get a bit more time off work and I feel like its a good time to chill. 

Things I am planning for December/January:

  •  Lots of baking times
  • Winter forest walks
  • Yearly holiday in Center Parcs
  • Lots of reading classics like Agatha Christie & Little Women
  • Watching loads of Disney movies
  • Snuggly duvet days
  • Doing some vintage sale shopping in London

I am just excited for some relaxing family time and enjoying the cold and hopefully snowy weather!


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