Forest Exploring

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I had a really nice afternoon last Saturday, exploring a forest not too far from where I live. I had been there once before for a walk but I really wanted to go back and do some more just exploring and take some photos. I really like doing relaxed things like that on the weekends sometimes. Just going outdoors somewhere, even if its somewhere quite near to where you live it doesn't have to be somewhere really far away and exotic. It can be really fun to just get to know and explore some places near to you and just wander around, take some photos and have fun with family or friends. 

I also love finding new spots and places to do a photo shoot or get some outfit photos as I love getting those sort of snaps but I can get quite bored of the same sort of places I normally get photos so its nice to mix it up a bit. There's also something special I find about doing this sort of thing when its a bit colder outside and you can wrap up warm and even maybe go out in the snow. 

Let me know in the comments what sort of things you like to do at weekends!

Daisy x

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