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You may have noticed I haven't blogged in a little while but I've just had some time off work and been relaxing the last few days but now I'm feeling so ready to get back on my blog again and I have loads of ideas for 2017. Now let's get into this blog post...

As jumpers are one of my winter go to outfit staples I've actually wanted to do a blog post like this for ages, with just a small selection of my fave retro and vintage jumpers at the moment. I just love having a good amount of vintage jumpers in my wardrobe as they are so easy to put together with an outfit and I love the quirky, cute patterns you can get on them.

Firstly I have this one. One I have had for quite a while but I just love the mountain pattern on it and the shape and bagginess of it. This is probably because its a men's size jumper, but shopping for jumpers in the men sections of shops is something I do all the time! It's probably where I go to rummage around first in a vintage shop. I just think a lot of the time you can get so many nice patterns and prints on men's jumpers and I love baggy long shaped sweaters so they are great if you love that style too.

My most recent addition to my jumper collection is this pale cream patterned baggy one. Again I just think the pattern is so cute and looks great for winter. It's also soo soft and not itchy at all so its super comfy to wear which is a big plus for me. This was from a charity shop for about £3.50!

This is definitely of my very fave jumpers out of this selection I'm showing you. I just really love the burgundy colour of it and the geometric pattern on it. This one is a bit thicker as well so its perfect for when it's super cold.

 Lastly I have picked out this one. This is actually one I sometimes forget about but I again really like the unusual pattern on this and also the dark grey colour of it. And this one is super soft and quite thin so it's not too hot to wear.

And that is a little sum up of just a few of my fave vintage jumpers I have at the moment. But I definitely want to get a few more really funky patterned baggy jumpers to add to my collection as you can never have enough vintage sweaters!

Comment below which is your fave jumper from this collection and where you go to buy vintage sweaters or jumpers.

Daisy x

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  1. Love your outfit! It's so different and cool!
    Happy new year, Isabella x isabellaschoice.com


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