Vintage Fair Weekend

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Last weekend I had a really fun time trading at 2 vintage fairs on Saturday & Sunday. It was the first time we had done fairs on both days and although it was super tiring it was soo much fun! It also obviously worked out well as all our stock was packed up in the car ready for the next day so it seemed easier. 

On the Saturday we did the usual fair in Cambridge with Judy's Vintage Fair that we do regularly. And on Sunday we tried out trading at a fair we had never been to before, Lou Lou's Vintage Fair in Norwich. Saturday was really good and I always like to do those fairs in Cambridge as you get to see the same traders and catch up with what they have been up to and look at their new stock.

It was really good to try out Lou Lou's fair in Norwich. I like to try out trading at other fairs if possible because then you start to find out what fairs are best for selling your items and what sort of places get the busiest. And on Sunday it was quite busy which I was surprised at as there were a lot more people through the doors and actually buying things. It is sometimes harder at this time of year as many people are just focusing on getting ready for Christmas and spending more money on that sort of stuff, but we still managed to sell quite a few items including some of our wintery coats which was good.

At Norwich's fair there was an amazing vintage style girl group singing throughout the day called Little Red Shoes. They were really great at singing all retro and vintage songs and they really added to the fair's atmosphere.

I had such a good weekend and I am so excited to start planning new fairs and vintage events for 2017. And keep your eyes peeled for something very exciting coming soon!

Have you been to Judy's Vintage Fair or Lou Lou's Fair before? If so what did you buy?

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