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I have brought quite a few vintage gems and also some high street bits basically from Primark because recently I am trying to think more about what I buy from Primark and only buy things I really like and will definitely wear or use I didn't buy too much. So I thought I would make a haul post as I haven't done one in ages! The things I mention are things I have brought over the last month or so, not all in one trip!

So firstly I brought a couple of plaid shirts from when I was doing our last vintage fair in Cambridge at the beginning of October. I picked these 2 up from another vintage stall.I had wanted some plaid shirts for ages and these 2 I picked up I really loved the colours and the soft feel of them so I was super happy with them. I got both shirts for £18.

Also from that vintage fair in Cambridge I picked up this gorgeous tapestry coat from another trader for £20. I was really happy to spot it as I'd wanted something just like it for ages but just hadn't seen many so I snapped this one up.

Also recently you may have seen I went to my second vintage auction & whilst we were there we bid on and brought a box full of vintage shoes and among them were these cute brown leather sandals which worked out at about £1 and I love them so much! I already have a pair of sandals similar which I really love but they are breaking a bit so I'm glad I've found a replacement for if they do break.

One of the last carboot sales I visited this year it was super cold and rainy so there were hardly any stalls there which I was disappointed in but I still managed to grab a few items. Ones of them being this cute vintage embroidered jumper for the expensive price of 20p! I can't wait to start wearing it more in the chilly weather.

Another great bargain was this oversized 90s blue jeans branded tshirt that I grabbed from a jumble sale for 50p. We arrived at the jumble whilst the people were packing up so I just started rummaging through the bags they had packed up and grabbed a few items without really looking and I really like this top I found! Thrifting at its best!

On my most recent trip to Cambridge that I last blogged about I visited the Primark store there and picked up a few bits that I am really happy with. I like quite a lot of the autumn/winter stock Primark has in at the moment and also their homeware items.

Floral pattern top - £8. I really liked the pattern and colours on this as I think it looks quite 70s.

Doc marten style shoes - £12. I had been looking for a pair of shoes like this for a little while so I was glad to get these for a really reasonable price.

Double duvet set - £12

Brown midi skirt - £8. Again I like the 70s vibes this skirt gives me.

Hangning feather decoration - £1.50. I am redecorating my room at the moment and want some more little wall hangings and stuff to put up so I thought these little feathers looked cute and boho.

And lastly I wanted some new drawer knobs to update a chest of drawers in my room and I picked up these ones from TKMaxx for £4.99 and I think they will look really nice.


And that's all the items I have brought on various shopping trips recently. Let me know in the comments what your favourite item is from the haul!

Daisy x

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