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So at the weekend I had a super fun shopping trip in Cambridge. I go there pretty often as you may have seen from previous blog posts. And when me and my sister go we try to go on a day during the week which means town is soo much quieter than it is on weekends. We like to go and look round all the charity shops and vintage shops and then wander round a few of the high street shops. 

We visited Jemporium Vintage as we normally do whilst we are there and I got to check out the poster of me wearing some dungarees from Jemporium Vintage, which was soo exciting! I've never been used in a poster or modelling for a shop before so it was super cool to spot me in the window! We had a wander round inside but I didn't actually buy much this time from there apart from one of their tote bags which is cute but I always love having a wander around the store and I always love the clothes they have in.

I thought I'd get some photos of my outfit as I liked what I put together and I hadn't worn something like it for a while. I was wearing a new look brown suede skirt, a 90s slogan tshirt I got from a jumble sale for about 50p, my velvet pattern jacket from a charity shop for £5 and my doc martens. I also love wandering around Cambridge finding all the pretty buildings.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Daisy x

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