Covent Garden Trip

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Happy Monday to you! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had a very exciting weekend away in London wandering around Covent Garden looking at the vintage shops and markets and stopping every now and again to get coffee.

We wanted to have quite a relaxed wander round without any where too specific in mind. We have all been to Covent Garden before, but we all quite enjoy that area of London as it's nice to feel a bit touristy and look round some nice unique, quirky shops to look at. I found the Rokit vintage shop in Covent Garden which I was super excited to find and look round for a while. The shop was really nice and spacious and was full of vintage stock. I haven't been to many Rokit vintage shops as there aren't that many too near to where I live so I really enjoyed visiting there. I love their online shop so I knew I would love the store. I just really liked the layout of the shop and I thought the prices were super reasonable. I picked up some aammazing velvet patterned trousers for just £15! I was soo happy with them and I think the staff were pretty jealous I had snapped them up. I'm sure I will posting some instagrams of them at some point so you can see what they look like. 

Whilst we were wandering we also discovered another totally cute vintage shop called Pop Boutique which was more of a little independent shop but again I loved the stuff they had and I always love to discover a new vintage shop. 

Everywhere was really cutely decorated for the time of year and its always fun to just walk around and listen to buskers and take photos. It only takes about an hour and a half from where I live to get into London so I don't know why I don't more regularly but I am planning another trip there soon to go back to Camden Market again and Portobello market which should be super fun so look out for photos and blog posts of that coming soon.

Have you ever visited Covent Garden in London before? 

Daisy x

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