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Someone I have always totally loved is Audrey Hepburn, I mean who doesn't love her?! Just everything about her, her style, her films & how much of an amazing person she was. I love how she managed to be a total style icon but at the same time being appointed a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF and helping loads of children around the world.

I don't know why but recently I've just been searching her more on pinterest & watching some of her movies more or wanting to anyway. I kind of just wanted to write this little post of Audrey appreciation and obviously focus a little bit on her amazing 50s/60s style and how easy it is to recreate her style. 

 I put together a few pieces from vintage shops & high street shops that I think are very Audrey-esque. Stripes, coats, big earrings and tortoiseshell sunglasses. I think anyone could take on an Audrey style outfit with any of these style pieces.

I basically love pretty much anything she wore. But I think I mostly love her more casual style. Like black and white stripey tops and cigarette trousers. But she also looked amazing in just a very simple black 50s swing dress. Basically she is just style goals. 

I also love how laid back she comes across in her movies and I just love watching her in films, shes so funny and they always just make me happy.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Audrey Hepburn film is and what you love most about her!

Daisy x

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  1. such a brilliant post, i absolutely LOVE your blog!! xx


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