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I wanted to write a little bit about what I got up to last weekend as I had a fun Saturday buying and selling at a vintage auction. You may have seen my blog post in the past about a vintage auction me and my mum went to a few months ago. Basically over the weekend at the same place another vintage auction was being held. So of course we planned to go for the day.

We had also decided a few weeks before to put some of our own vintage bits and pieces in to see if they would sell. It was really fun to be a bit more involved in the auction this way and taking our things along to be valued and priced up was really exciting. It also gave us a sneak preview of some other items being brought to the auction.

We then went along on the Saturday to get some bargains and see how our things would do. I always find it it a lot of fun to get there early enough before the auction starts so you have a really good rummage through all the lots and find some gems. I found quite a few lots I hoped to get when they came up in the auction but quite a few of my favorites sold for quite high prices so I missed out some items but I still really enjoy watching all the lots come up and it gives you a good idea of what things are most popular and best to sell especially if your a vintage trader.   

Our pieces we put into the auction didn't actually sell too well on the day and we have a few lots not sold but I was glad about that as I didn't want our items to go for nothing but we did sell a couple of things and I think we've just learnt that our stuff is a lot better to sell at vintage fairs rather than auctions. But like I said the experience is still always fun. And we managed to pick up some amazing fur and sheepskin coats for bargain prices and some lovely vintage shoes and bags.

I would definitely recommend going to an auction if you've never been as they are a really exciting, different way to buy things.

I'd love to hear your experiences if you have ever been to an auction an what you brought if you have?

Daisy x    

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