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I just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix and I totally loved it and I really wanted to talk about my thoughts & also why I fell in love with all the characters styles and the home interiors. I will also go through a few characters styles that I really loved and put together some vintage clothes to recreate some of the looks yourself.

I really like the series overall. At first I have to admit I found the first couple of episodes a bit slow before it got into the story properly, but I think I'm like that with any TV show it takes me a little while to get into something. But after then I found it so intriguing and I just fell in love with the characters so much. 

Anyway I wanted to talk more about the different styles of the characters. Because I love it when I watch a TV show that is set in the past so I can look out for the fashion and also the sets of the homes and all the little details to make it feel really realistic. 

With Stranger Things being set in the early 80s I loved spotting the mom jeans bomber jackets. I also thought it was so good how the fashion department used so much detail, like making the parents (especially Nancy & Mikes) still look quite 70s.

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy's style was actually quite simple and quite casual mostly throughout the show. Especially as she started investigating more with Johnathan. She tied her hair up a lot and just wore simple jackets and corduroy jeans. In other episodes like the last one however she wore something a lot more dainty and pastel coloured like the yellow jumper she is wearing. And a lot of what she wears throughout is still quite 70s actually. Overall I quite liked her style for a more understated look and I think its quite easy to recreate. 

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Barbra Holland

And we come to Barb, who obviously is my favourite fashion icon of the show. Her style was a lot more traditionally 80s style than Nancy's and also more out there with her high waisted mom jeans and mismatched blouses and jackets. I feel like her look is definitely the most in right now.

Johnathan Byers

I really liked Johnathan's simple, slightly edgy style. He wore quite a lot of dark colours throughout which I think reflected his mood. Also what he wore kind of looked a bit scruffy, obviously he wouldn't have spent lots of money on clothes, they could have even been hand-me-downs from his dads wardrobe.
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Let me know in the comments if you watched Stranger Things and what you thought of it. And which character style you liked best.

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