Pumpkin Patch and Maize Maze

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I thought I'd put together a blog post of what I got up to over the weekend, as it was super fun & I got some cool photos that I wanted to share

As you may have seen from my Hello Autumn blog post I spoke about going to a maize maze and pumpkin farm, as they always look super autumnal and I really wanted to get some nice outfit photos and basically just get out in the countryside and have a nice chilled afternoon. We researched what sort of places that fit this criteria around where we live and we found a really cute looking place not far from us, so we took a drive over there. It was really fun just to go somewhere we hadn't before even though it was only about an hour from our house it felt like we were going on a little adventure. 

When we got there we were really surprised at how big it was and how many people were wandering around choosing pumpkins. There were loads of other things to look at as well like autumn craft stalls & a food cart where you could get warm doughnuts and pumpkin soup. We had so much fun just wandering around and looking at everything especially the different coloured pumpkins patterned vegetables. There were rows and rows of massive orange pumpkins, we actually felt like we were on a farm somewhere in America because there was just so many things to choose from.

We also decided to wander round the maize maze they had there, especially as there was a competition on where you had to walk your way round collecting clues to fill out a quiz paper. Although most people were going around with their kids, we found it so much fun! It was also obviously a pretty autumnal backdrop for some outfit of the day photos so I didn't miss my opportunity there.  

It was just really nice to go out and do something different on a Saturday afternoon, that we don't normally do and be out in the countryside. It definitely made me want to plan a lot more autumn and winter walks and also just explore more places that are actually really close to where I live but I've never been.

What did you get up to this weekend? Have you been to any pick your own or pumpkin farms?

Daisy x

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