Judys Vintage Fair | October 2016

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I thought I would do a little summary of the latest vintage fair we did in Cambridge last weekend. As it was another really fun weekend and we met lots of lovely people and sold quite pieces of vintage. 

As it was only the 2nd weekend in October we had a lot of coats, jackets and jumpers for sale. There were so many other traders there with amazing pieces. From fur coats to plaid shirts the fair this month definitely had a wintery vibe which I do find very exciting so I can't doing some more wintery vintage shopping and coming up with new outfits. 

At one point during the day a Cambridge TV station turned up, filming different parts of the fair and interviewing people. And then they asked to interview me! I said yes without really thinking about it as I thought it would be a good thing to do to help promote the fair and our stall too, but I was super nervous as I'd never done an interview like that before. But it was fine and it was really fun to something new and give it a go.

We have a couple of other fairs coming up in November to finish the year off so I will be blogging about them and sharing some photos on instagram so look out for them!

Have you been to Judy's Vintage Fair?

Daisy x

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