Hello Autumn

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Well Autumn has certainly said hello and I think everyone is super excited for it (well most people) Even though I wouldn't say Autumn is my favourite season I do really enjoy it and I like what different activities you can during during the colder months. I do like how the weather becomes crisper and frost covers the leaves on the ground. Wrapping up warm inside, whilst its cold and blustery outside. Going for woodland walks where all the trees are lovely shades of orange and red. 

Some things I am doing/ hope to do this autumn: 

  • Going to a pumpkin farm and maize maze (get ready for some amazing blog photos!)
  • Read Little Women and some Agatha Christie books
  • Go out for lots of woodland walks 
  • Do two wintery vintage fairs
  •  Bake come cookies & autumny cakes
  • Watch the sunrise on a sunny cold day
  • Make pumpkin soup
  • Add to my collection of vintage jumpers/sweaters
  • Finish my crochet blanket
What are some of your plans for the next coming chiller months? What is your favourite season?

Daisy x

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