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Recently I've been loving searching through the Asos marketplace at the all the vintage shops. It's a great way to look through hundreds of vintage shops all in one place. Because there's so many different shops on one site instead of one online shop, you get such a mixed bag of vintage, from 90s sportswear to 1950s ball gowns. It's definitely somewhere I'm starting to look a lot more for vintage clothing even if it's just out of interest to see what people are selling, what's the most popular and how much people price things at, which is obviously really helpful to me as a vintage trader.

I thought I would put together a list of some of my fave shops I've discovered whilst looking on there more.
 Desert Fox- Really unique 70s gypsy style of vintage clothing
 Peekaboo Vintage - Massive selection of variety of vintage clothing. Voted best vintage boutique in 2015 on Asos Marketplace.
 Exclamation Vintage - Really colourful, gorgeous pieces from 1960s/70s

 Do you buy anything from Asos Marketplace? I'd be interested to know what your fave shops are.

Daisy x

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