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Recently I picked up a few bits from numerous charity shops that I am so pleased with so I thought I would talk through the bits I picked up.

I got these super cute sunglasses both from RSPCA charity for an absolute steal of only 50p each! They are both sort of tortoiseshell coloured and are in really cool retro styles. I have a massive collection of sunglasses like this to wear myself but I also like to get a few together to take to sell at fairs as this retro style of sunglasses is really in at the moment. And you can normally get them ridiculously cheap from charity shops!

I also picked up these again, tortoiseshell colour little healed shoes which I absolutely love, Unfortunately they are a tiny size 3 which is way to small for me but I picked them up anyway as I think they are so cute and on trend right now but also retro, so I got them to sell at some of our upcoming fairs. These were from Barnados charity shop for only £2.50!

The mustard colour slogan t-shirt is the best bargain of all as I actually got it for free at a recent clothes swap I went to. I has really pleased with it as I have been looking for some cute retro slogan tees like this for a while as they are so easy to dress and I quite like to pair them with skirts as they instantly make them look more casual and create a unique fun look.

I also have picked up quite a few pairs of Levi shorts recently which I am also really pleased about as for ages I didn't have any to sell at our vintage fairs and seeing as they are kind of a vintage staple it's about time I found a few cute pairs. They are really good if you can pick them up cheap as I recently brought a pair at a carboot sale for £1 and sold them for £25 so they are good items to have!

Have you picked up any bargains from charity or thrift shops recently? 



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