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At the weekend I spent my Saturday shopping in Norwich. As you may have seen from previous blog posts I really love going to Norwich to shop as they have great charity shops & a couple of vintage stores that I like to look in fairly regularly whenever I get the chance the get to Norwich as they always keep up to date with great pieces. 

I really loved my outfit that I put together so I thought I would do a blog post on what I was wearing. I actually put the things together quite last minute as we were going out as I couldn't decide for ages what to wear as I find it kind of tricky when its this sort of pre Autumn weather where its kind of warm still but with just a slight chill.

But I finally decided and I wore a pair of my lee mom jeans with a plain new look slouchy top and as the main part of the outfit, a vintage 1950s long black dress as a kimono. Basically the dress is buttoned all the way down so I just undid all the buttons and wore it open as a kimono. I love the dress anyway but I also think it looks so good as a kimono. It also has a really pretty detail on the shoulders where part of it is open which is a look I really like at the moment anyway on tops and things so I think this added a bit of extra detail to the look. I then just paired it with some vintage sandals and my beyond retro bag. 

I had a lovely day wandering round the shops including my fave vintage Sue Ryder charity shop and also the row of vintage market stalls there. And I managed to pick up some really great bargains which I'm sure I will share in a haul post soon. 

Tell me in the comments what you did at the weekend and where would you recommend for vintage shopping? 

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