Florida Trip # 2

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If you haven't already read my previous blog post you can check that out first if you like, before this, as its kinda a follow on post. But basically I'm just carrying on chatting about my favourite parts of my trip to Florida. 

So one of the next things we did was go to Disney's animal kingdom. Which is two of my favourite things combined - a zoo and a theme park. We had such a nice day just wandering around looking at different animals and going on some of the small rides there. One of the things we did at the park was the African safari, which was soo much fun. I've never been on any sort of safari trip so I really enjoyed going round and looking at all the wild animals. 

Then later in the second week we visited the 2 universal parks, which were basically just 2 super fun, theme park days. But whilst we were there just strolling around to different rides I found a really cute art shop and there was a little vintage section, which was a massive surprise to find at a theme park! But obviously I was so excited to be able to rummage through some vintage bits whilst I was away.   

 One of my other fave things we did while we were in Florida was going to an alligator swamp. We drove out to this little place in the countryside, where you could go out for a boat ride all around the swamp and spot wildlife and just as we happened to be around there was a little baby alligator that you could hold and take pictures with which was super cute and made me wish I could have one as a pet!

In the last few days of the trip we did a bit more shopping and popping back some Disney parks we wanted to finish up things in and we also visited Disney springs on our last evening which is basically lots of designer shops and nice restaurants and a big hot air balloon ride which we went up to get an amazing view over 2 miles of all the different parks. It was really fun and now I so badly want to go on a proper hot air balloon ride! 


Then we just got up the next morning and got ready to head to the airport. I had such an amazing trip away and got to do quite a few things that I'd never done before and I definitely have loads of amazing memories that I will have for years. I love visiting America and I love to visit loads of the other states. I am going back to New York next year which I am so excited for. I hope you enjoyed reading just a few snippets about my time away.

Have you been to Florida? What is your favourite thing to do there?

Daisy x

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