Florida Trip # 1

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As you may have seen if you keep up to date with my instagram or a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago, I got on a plane and took off to Florida! Some of my friends were going away on holiday there and asked if I wanted to join them, of course I said yes and was soo excited about it. Even though I have been to America before I'd never been to Florida so I was really looking forward to discovering a brand new place.

I thought I would just share some of my favourite parts of my trip and what I got up to on different days. So firstly on about the second day we were there (a lot of the days have merged into one in my head!) we visited Magic Kingdom, the main Disney park in Orlando. This was so exciting for me as I love getting to visit iconic places in the world and Disney is definitely one of those places as there's so much history around it and as I am a huge Disney fan, (I mean who isn't?) it was a great day.

 So we basically spent most of  the day a Disney, wandering around the gift shops, watching parades and meeting characters. We then also stayed around into the evening to watch the night time parade, which I really enjoyed watching, with all the lit up floats and characters in sparkly outfits it made the day even more magical. After the parade we watched the iconic fireworks over the castle which watching made me feel quite emotional and nostalgic of my childhood with all the Disney movies, and it was such a perfect ending to the day.

One of the next places we visited after that was Epcot park in Orlando. I hadn't heard as much about Epcot but as soon as we got there I was instantly interested in the park. I really loved all the different areas for different countries and everything was done in so much detail to make it look like the actual place I really felt like I was in the places (apart from Finland as it was about 85 degrees!) We spent the day wandering from one place to the next, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the buildings and shops. Morocco and Mexico were my favourite places to look round as I would love to actually visit both of them so it was nice to get a taster for them.

There were so many other parts of the trip that I loved but I'm going to share some of my other fave things in another blog post or part 2 if you will, so look out for that coming up on my blog soon. But I hope you enjoyed this first part post and seeing just a few of my photos. Comment below where you've been on holiday this year or your dream place to travel to. 

To be continued...

Daisy x

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