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The other day me and my sister popped to Cambridge to do a bit of shopping and I picked up a few really good vintage items from the charity shops & Jemporium Vintage that I'm sooo happy with! I go through different stages like for a while I wont find anything much in charity shops and at other times I find a few really good gems in one trip. This time I only got a few bits but I was so happy with them all so I thought I'd share what items I brought.

Firstly I brought this cute pair of retro sunglasses from Scope charity shop for £2.50. Charity shops are basically the main place I end up getting sunglasses, as you can find so many cute frames and they are always so cheap! 

Then from cancer research I picked up a few bits. I managed to get this super cute 90s dress, a striped tee and a pair of amazing vintage sandals and all for just £11! I'm super happy with the sandals as they are exactly what I've been looking for for months so I was over the moon when I spotted them & for just £4 they are one of my most favourite buys for a while. 

I also love the little dress I brought as I think it would look so cute casually with some doc martens or more dressed up and I don't really have many little dresses like that. And I think the striped tshirt looks really on trend and I like how it would come up slightly baggy on me, although I haven't quite decided if I will keep it or sell it on. 

The last thing I got was from one of my faves, Jemporium vintage, this gorgeous pair of dungarees. I spotted these straight away and thought they were so cute! And seeing as I unbelievably don't have a pair of dungarees. One of the things I really loved about them is that they start from the waist down so you can still show the whole of a top you're wearing underneath. I cannot wait to start wearing them and already have loads of ideas of what to wear them with. 

 I had a lovely day and was so pleased with what I managed to find especially as I hadn't brought much for a while from charity shops.Let me know what your fave item is that I picked up on my shopping trip and also if you have got any bargains recently.

Daisy x

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