ootd: 90s skirt & glasses

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As you might have seen from my haul blog post the other day me and my sister visited Cambridge for a bit of shopping. I thought I'd just basically run through my outfit I was wearing as we were shopping as it was a fave of mine recently. The weather was fairly hot so I wanted something cool but more interesting than shorts and a top. One thing I really like wearing when I'm in this sort of mood is a vintage skirt with a casual, slouchy top. So for this outing I picked a 90s sunflower, check print skirt I got at a charity shop for like £4. And I paired it with a slouchy white t-shirt from new look. Quite a simple look for me but I did really like it and it still felt interesting enough for me especially as I was wearing my big retro glasses that day.

Retro skirts are definitely a staple of my wardrobe and I really need to get some new additions soon. I love how versatile they are as you can wear them any way really to suit your mood or weather or what event your going to. Personally I really like wearing things like this casually like when I'm walking round shopping.

Overall a good summer outfit that cost under £15!

Daisy x

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