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As you may have noticed before a blog I am super obsessed with is Fox and Feather. I can't get enough of Leigh's vintage inspired outfits and her instagram feed is to die for!! I just love her 70s, bohemian but casual look. And her blog is super interesting to have a read of. 

I really wanted to find out more about her style tips and views of vintage fashion so I hit her up about answering some questions about some different things on my blog. And here are the results...

"What's your fave vintage shop?"

I have quite a few! I’m absolutely besotted with every ethereal, 70s piece Sara picks for Waiste Vintage... but when it comes to great, budget, festival vintage the Tiger’s Eye girls have it nailed. They also sell unique, recycled, handmade pieces; I’ll never forget a ew beautiful rainbow crochet, cropped, bell sleeve jumpers they had stitched from blankets. Other notable online vintage shops are The Hippie Shake, The Vintage Wardrobe & WE ARE COW.

"What would you say are your top 3 charity shops?"

I don’t particularly have any favourites as I tend to hunt through every one I happen to pass. I do love an Oxfam music, books & furniture store though. I’ve found some amazing, retro homewares in Oxfam stores. My advice is to sift through every single charity shop you pass as you never know what you may find!

"Why did you decide to start blogging?"

I actually started m first blog waaaayyyy back when I was 13 years old, but I started my current blog five years ago whilst I was at university studying Illustration. I was always torn between going to art school and studying for an English degree as creative writing and drawing were my biggest passions. So, I started the blog as a creative outlet to continue my love for writing. My friend at university, Toni (who was studying fashion), also started her blog at the same time and gave me the push I needed to start sharing photos of my outfits online, which were always curated from pieces I had found in charity shops. These soon became my most popular posts, so secondhand style became the dominant theme within my blog.

"Who would be your vintage style icon?"

Oh gosh, I have so many! The ’it’ girls from the late 60s and early 70s are my main source of inspiration; the likes of Pamela Courson, Bebe Buell, Anita Pallenberg, Pamela des Barres, Stevie Nicks, Patti Boyd, etc. But, it’s not just the girls of that generation, it’s also the boys; I love Jimi Hendrix’s eccentric paisley prints, Jagger’s velvet ensembles and Bowie’s all round fantastical eccentricity. 

"If you could chose to be born in a different era, what would it be?"

I’d love to have been in my early twenties in California for the late 60s/early 70s period, so I’d like to have been born in 1949 to be exact… a girl can dream!

"What's the best vintage item you've found?"

Again, I’ve got quite a few… I picked up a floor length, tan suede, fringed jacket from a flea market in Amsterdam, which I absolutely love. I was also gifted an extravagant bell sleeve, 70s, cream, printed maxi dress from Beyond Retro recently. I love it so much so that I am tempted to recycle it as a wedding dress if I were to ever get married!

"Your tips for finding vintage?"

Don’t disregard charity shops, boot sales or flea markets. Vintage pieces are hiding everywhere! Plus, it’s usually a fraction of the price compared to what most vintage shops charge. Recently I found a 70s, wicker, peacock chair in a charity shop for just £30, when online they retail for hundreds.

"How would you describe your style?"

I would describe myself style as completely eclectic; I love mixing and matching eras. My biggest draw is to the 70’s, but I do enjoy mixing up the retro pieces with high street finds. I’m also inspired by everything and anything, whether it be music, literature or even a TV series I’m watching. For example, I’m currently watching Sons of Anarchy, so I’m all over leather jackets and chunky boots right now.

Thanks so much for letting me be nosey Leigh, and answering some questions I had for you! I loved hearing your thoughts on vintage and will definitely be checking out those vintage shops you like. Can't wait for your next post!

Be sure to go show Leigh some love on her blog, instagram or wherever. She does lots of varying posts on her blog about fashion lifestyle and travel & as I have mentioned her instagram is aammazing!

Where to find Leigh.... 

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