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I really wanted to do a sort of Pinterest diary for today's post, as pinterest is one of my absolute fave apps to scroll through and I love saving pictures I love onto different boards and using them as inspiration. I love scrap-booking and journalling but I am so the sort of person to start things like that and then just never end up doing much in them (I wish I wasn't!) so even though real life scrap-booking is a lot nicer I do love how easy pinterest is and I do always end up scrolling through for inspiration. Whether that's for outfit ideas or what to try drawing next.

So I thought I'd just talk through some of my fave boards and what I've been pinning recently. I don't know if this will be very interesting to look through but I know I love looking at other peoples pinterest and I also wanted a post to look back on what I was pinning at this moment. 

Arty Board I lovvvee this board, especially at the moment. I am always looking through this for inspiration of what to try out in my sketchbook next and its also just a really nice place to keep loads of pieces of art or different artists I love. At the moment I am really loving Frida Kahlo's pieces and I really want to try out a drawing/painting based on her work. I just think she is so cool and her style is so what I picture hipster goals to be at the moment with all her flowers crowns & kimonos. Obviously I have quite a few Van Gogh pins scattered in there too and photos of Audrey Hepburn just because! but also because I am going to draw her soon. 

Vintage Board Surprisingly I have a vintage clothing board! (haha) Again this I obviously love this board. Recently I pinned a lot of 90s looks as I was creating three 90s looks for my blog post here. So they were fun to look through as I pinned a lot of pictures of Phoebe from friends as her style in the 90s was goals. I also just pin a lot of outfit pictures I just generally like but I do use this board ALOT to inspire my outfit choices. I have also pinned quite a few pictures of young Brooke Shields because she's just soo stunning and I love her 80s/90s style. 

Typography Board This is another really helpful board for when I'm doing any sort of arty things as I love looking through different fonts and lettering and its really helpful to look through for inspiration for when your making a scrapbook or doing something where you want the writing to look extra fancy. Also it helps you find loads of positive quotes in pretty lettering which is always a bonus.

I hope you enjoyed looking at samples of just a few of my Pinterest boards. Let me know in the comments what your fave is!

Daisy x

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