Dreamy Dungarees

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One of my absolute favourite wardrobe pieces are dungarees. And even though that is the case I amazingly didn't own a pair until the other day. I did like ones I saw in New Look and Topshop and other places on the high street but none of them really stood out to me that much. But I really love the look of dungarees and they are really versatile especially in different seasons. I think they look amazing with a retro t-shirt underneath and some sandals for summer or a sweatshirt and docs in winter.

So the other day when I was shopping in Cambridge I picked up these aammazingg dungarees. I wasn't particularly looking for them specifically on my trip but Jemporium Vintage had loads of lovely pairs and I fell in love with this pair as soon as I tried them on.

I really liked how I put them together in this outfit with my striped t-shirt and the sandals I brought on the same trip. I love them so much and haven't stopped wearing them since I got them.

They are definitely going to be a key piece in my wardrobe from now on. What have you brought recently that you really love?

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  1. Oh wow I love this outfit! The dungarees are so unique and look great on you!

    Amy X

    1. Aww thanks so much! Yeah I love them, thanks hun xxx


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