Beyond Retro Label Backpacks

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The other day I won a Beyond Retro Competition to win one of their new label backpacks. This was so exciting for me as I love their backpacks so much and was privileged to be chosen as one of their winners. The competition was to celebrate Beyond Retro getting snapchat, which is also really exciting as I love to keep up with Beyond Retro as a brand and what new things they are bringing into store. 

If you didn't already know Beyond Retro has their own label, so a lot of their items on store and online are actually things they have made from other pieces of vintage clothing or from fabrics. Which I am obviously all for because it means they don't have to waste items of clothing and send lots away to landfill sites. Which I think is such a good idea and it inspires me to do more with vintage pieces that I don't actually wear as they are. If you want to find out more about the Beyond Retro Label items you can read about it on their site here.

 One of their new range of items are these gorgeous African fabric backpacks. I love African prints and colours so much, so of course I love these new mini backpacks they have made. I really like the one I received from Beyond Retro, as a lot of my backpacks are quite big so its nice to have a smaller one. It is so well made and the pattern is gorgeous. They have so many other designs available too, if you want to check them out.
 I can't wait to see what other new things they bring out soon and keeping up with their snapchats. 

Daisy x

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