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Something I'm really loving and have got really into super recently is embroidery. My mum got me 3 embroidery transfer packs from a charity shop and wanted us to try them out. Since then I've been practicing lots and also looking for some inspiration from other embroiders. I thought this would be the perfect thing for my style inspo today. As I suddenly want to be wearing all things embroidered!

Whilst snooping around on instagram I found an amazing account full of stunning embroidery pieces by Tess Perlow. (all photos below are her work)

I've started doing some embroidery on some mom jeans I've had for a while. They are one of my fave pair of jeans anyway but I thought they would look even more individual with some floral embroidery going up each leg. I'm really happy with how its been going so far and I'm definitely going to be trying out loads more transfers and little pieces on different fabrics. Embroidery is for sure my style inspiration for today and the next month or so I think!

Have you ever tried embroidery? Comment below what your favorite craft is. 

Daisy x 

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  1. love this trend, so cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I know I love it so much! thanks for reading and commenting! :) x


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