ootd | Tee and Boho Skirt

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Yesterday I had a such a lovely day strolling round Norwich looking for vintage bargains and spending some quality time with my family. 

I really loved what I picked out to wear so I thought I would share with you. I chose my Ben Howard concert tee that I picked up a couple of years back at a gig. I paired that with this lovely boho, napkin style skirt from Primark. I really love this skirt and I think it looks really hippie so you wouldn't necessary think its from Primark. I am really digging this style of mixing a slogan/ casual t-shirt with a skirt.

I also wore one of my fave vintage bags from Beyond Retro. My moon choker is from Dizen and I also had on a tiny elephant necklace that I got from a car boot sale. 
 It was the perfect summery outfit for walking around in the sunshine. I went into the Sue Ryder vintage charity shop there and got some mom Lee jeans which I was super happy with and some other little bits of vintage decor. 

I'm definitely going to be trying out more outfit combos like this one!

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