Making Lemon Muffins

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lemon muffin

Last Sunday me and my sister had the loveliest time baking. We tried out making some lemon muffins from a recipe I found on pinterest. - lets face it that's where I get most of my baking recipes even though I do love baking books you can just get so many more things to make on the internet. They were muffins that we had never tried before so it was good fun. 


lemon muffins

lemon cake
I used the recipe from Rachel's baking blog. The muffins tasted so delicious and they have a crunchy crumb topping which made them extra tasty and a bit more interesting than usual. I really like the taste of lemon in most things, especially in summer its really refreshing.

I also have been making my own lemonade which is sooo delicious and refreshing especially when its hot. I basically just put loads of ice cubes in the bottom of a glass and then squeeze juice from a whole lemon and pour onto the glass and also add a couple of slices into the glass. Then I just top up the glass with fizzy water. I think it tastes so much better than brought lemonade as you can tell how fresh it is and I especially love having it first thing in the morning. 

 Have you baked anything recently? Comment below if you have made anything yummy.
Daisy x

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  1. Sounds so delicious! I love lemon pastries and these sound so good for breakfast <3

    1. Thanks! They did come out better than I was thinking. Yes they are nice and refreshing for breakfast.

      Thanks for commenting and reading x


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