How to throw a retro tea party

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I've wanted to do his post for a while as I really like the idea of throwing a retro tea party. It's quite a popular thing nowadays to create a vintage or retro event like a party and I've seen quite slot of people's ideas on Pinterest and things like that. However I have a few different style ideas for a tea party which I think are a bit original compared to lots of floral 50s themes. Don't get me wrong I think those sort of tea party/ wedding ideas are cute but I didn't want to be a broken record with all those same ideas if you get me. So I thought if I was organizing a retro tea party how I would create it and actually when I was doing this it made me totally want to arrange it. I really liked the decor ideas I came up with and thought I would share some ideas.

Firstly like I said I wanted to steer away from the 50s floral vibes so the plates and saucers and teacups, all things like that, are all jumbled up and I love the homemaker plates as they are so vintage and kitsch looking but also look a bit different. I also love this retro blue jug I found and I really like those sort of blue, paisley, Japanese print cups and plates. So I just thought these sorts of styles are a bit of mix up compared to more traditional style vintage china. And it's also items that are very me and how I would decorate something.

I also thought about throws, blankets and cushions. Whilst gathering items together on the floor I also thought it would be a really fun addition to a tea party to maybe have it all on the floor and have an indoor picnic. But anyway I basically picked out my brightest, most 70s patterned things. And some crocheted blankets, as again they are so retro looking but are quite unique too. I would scatter these around on chairs and the floor and on tables.

Some of my favourite types of flowers are dried ones. So I would have quite a few bunches of dried flowers in old jam jars on tables and I think this adds a lovely rustic look but also something slightly different than regular flowers. 

I also collected together quite a few little lace hankies as I thought these would look really cute on tables and stuff to put under bowls and vases and stuff to add more detail and again just makes it look more vintage and pretty.

And lastly the finishing touches make the event. I think it would look really cute to scatter little adornments around the house or hall to add a bit of a personal touch. Things like little retro printed egg cups, these funky retro salt and pepper shakers, vintage photographs and some tiny cutlery that no one actually eats with! But I think these sort of items add a special touch to a vintage tea party and also again they make it a bit more unique.

And that's all the ideas I came up with if I was arranging my own vintage tea party. I hope you liked looking through some of my decor ideas! Have you ever been to any vintage tea parties or dances? I'd be interested to hear your experiences.

Daisy x

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