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vintage photoshoot

Last week I had the loveliest day looking around a town near to where we live with my family. It was a really nice sunny day to be wandering around charity shops and having lunch out. Beccles is a really cute little town with quite a few second hand shops to look in and there are also a couple of vintage shops. One of my most favourite vintage and retro shops there is Vintage Mischief. Its full of vintage clothing, furniture and tonnes of vintage little bits and pieces. The main decades of the items there seem to be 60s/70s, which I obviously love. So everything is really bright and colourful there and there are so many kitsch and unique things to pick up. We strolled round for ages and I also managed to pick up a really pretty vintage mirror for my bedroom, which I had been looking for ages. 

I was also really loving my outfit so I thought I would share some pics of what I was wearing. Firstly I was wearing my denim dungaree dress from Primark that I also wore in one of my three 90s looks post. Underneath that I was wearing this really cute little stripe button blouse that I got for free. Then I had my Beyond Retro bag. My favourite addition to the outfit were my new pair of glasses that I recently got. Basically I wear contact lenses most of the time but I like to have glasses to wear too. And I was chatting to a friend recently about glasses and she knew this company where you send of glasses frames and they fit your prescription lenses for you. Plus they do it so cheaply, mine only cost £15. I had found a pair on sunglasses in a charity shop for £2 and I loved the frames I wanted them as glasses. I'm so happy with how they came out and I think they look so retro and cool. I would so recommend going to the company - I need Spex if you want any new prescription glasses or sunglasses. They are super helpful when you contact them too!

I had such a nice day with my family and loved my outfit especially with the bright yellow wall we found to take pictures!

retro glasses

vintage outfit

vintage clothes

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  1. Lovely outfit - your denim overalls (dungarees) dress is all kinds of charming. I swear, you're making me yearn for one. I don't think I've had one since I was about 16 years old. Wow, half my lifetime ago. Definitely time to try and hunt down another. :)

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks so much!! Hehe, oops or is it a good thing?? Yes good idea I'm sure you could find a lovey one. :)



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