Vintage discoveries on the highstreet

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The other day I went on a shopping trip with my sister to Norwich. We both really enjoy looking round the shops there as there is a really good mix of large high street shops but also quite a few quirky individual stalls & vintage shops. 
Anyway whilst we were browsing in the H&M, I noticed there seemed to be a few items that I thought had real retro vibes. I thought I'd share with you some of the pieces I spotted as it can sometimes be quite rare to find retro or vintage style pieces in high street chains. I also spotted some gorgeous bits and pieces in Topshop that I loved.

There seemed to be quite a lot of these sort of patterned skirts and tops in H&M which I thick look so retro. The pattern of these particular ones look so 60s and the material of all of them was like a vintage Crimplene, which is what made them seem even more vintage. And there were lots of other patterns like this one. 
 Again this jumper was exactly the same fabric and reminded me of Crimplene. I thought this looked quite retro. And the random swirly pattern reminded me of a 80s or 90s sweater that you could pair with some high waisted mom jeans.

This little jumper top reminded me so much of a vintage 1940s/50s jumper you would pick up. I think it is the mustard yellow colour of it which makes it look more vintage and also the bow tie at the neck. Obviously the model has it paired with some modern shorts but I think if you put it with a big 50s swing skirt or some grey cigarette trousers it would give a real vintage look.


And from Topshop I spotted these stunning embroidered mom jeans which I wanted so badly but after a day of shopping I couldn't really afford them as they are £59. But I was so tempted, hopefully they might go into sale at some point! I also thought this green crochet skirt looked totally retro and was really unique and I could just imagine someone wearing it at a festival in the 1960s.
Have you noticed any vintage inspired pieces in high street shops? If so I'd love to hear about your finds. 

Daisy x

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