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Lat Saturday I did something really exciting - I went to a vintage auction. I had been to a couple of regular auctions before but never a specialist vintage one. Me and my mum got up really early and headed over to where the auction was being held and had a look round for a couple of hours before it started to really get a good idea of the different lots and how good things were. I would say this is such a good tip as there were a lot of things I looked at online before we went and thought they looked really good, however when we got there I realized not everything was what I expected so its good to check before you bid on stuff!

There were so many beautiful items though and as per usual I wanted to buy everything. It was mainly clothes but there was also lots of rugs, material, bags, magazines and other bits and bobs. The atmosphere was really nice and it was good to be able to chat to the other dealers & vintage lovers there and see what they got up to. And I also found it really exciting to see what things went for, as there was quite a few items that went way above but also lots that went way below their estimates.

Me and mum both bid on few lots and managed to get 10 lots for quite bargain prices! Seeing as we spent about £170 and we will sell at the very least 8 items for £35 or over, you can see how you can manage to make a good profit if you buy stuff at auction. But we managed to get loads of gorgeous items. My mum brought 4 boxes full of 1950s/60s childrens clothes which are in such good condition and there are so many quirky items. She also brought a lot of shoes and handbags. I managed to snap up a vintage japanese kimono for £6 and a sheepskin coat for £9 which I'm going to wear.

I really enjoyed the whole day, it was so much fun and I'm really happy with what we got. We are going to another one in October and will put some of our items into sell, but it was really good to go to one before to see what things sell and what doesn't as well. 

Have you ever been to a vintage auction? 

Daisy x

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