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The other day I was doing some things in my room and I did a bit of crafting. I had a few bits and bobs lying around and I had an idea of making a decoration for my room.I thought I would let you guys know what I did and used so you can try it yourself if you want to!
You will need:

- Piece of driftwood or large twig
- Lace doily 
- Lace and white trimming
- Whitetac

What to do:

1. Firstly I figured out how long I wanted the strips of lace and trimming were going to be coming down from the doily and cut about 14 strips. (you can have as little or many strips coming down and space them out differently depending on your shape and size of doily too)

 2. Then I just really simply tried on the strips of lace and trimming to the little gaps at the bottom of the doily, alternating the 2 to give a boho look.

3. I then used 3 strips of white lace to the top of the doily, with two longer strips to the side and one smaller piece in the center and tied these 3 to the piece of driftwood, so the whole things dangled down from the wood.

And that was it finished! I just then used some whitetac - as its blended more to the colour of the lace and stuck it to my wall. And I used some whitetac to stick the driftwood down securely too.

I think it looks super pretty and really goes with the bohemian look of my bedroom. And you could do loads of variations on this simple craft idea, like different colours and lengths. I'm definitely going to try some other ones out!

Daisy x

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