Festival Season

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Although unfortunately I am not attending any music festivals this year, I still love the sort of festival vibe you get this time of year and looking through everyone else's pictures if you don't go yourself, of their festival adventures. And obviously I also love looking at what people are wearing especially when its vintage or retro inspired!

One of my absolute fave eras is the 70s and so I love the hippie -go- festival look of this period in time. And I really like seeing people imitate this look today still and that would be my go to look for a festival. I love the freeness and expression the clothes from back then give.

Festivals have such a nice laid back vibe and I love how there's always so many different styles and an array of colours & patterns in people's outfits. And its so easy to get inspiration for outfits today, I love looking back on peoples outfits from festivals like coachella in past years. And I also love all the modern takes on retro 70s hippie looks, but also brand new styles too. I've picked out 5 of my fave festival looks below.

 I also wanted to let you know about a competition n that Beyond Retro is holding to give a vintage lover the chance to win a £250 gift voucher and festival styling experience. Just take a photo of something you have brought from in store that you love and would wear for a festival or screenshot a picture of something of their online shop that you would love to wear for a festival and share it on instagram with the tags #beyondretrofest and #beyondretro and tag them in the photo. 

To see my entry on instagram check it out here.

Are you going to any festivals this year? What's your fashion staple?

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