Camping Weekend

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Hello, I hope you all had a glorious weekend and your Monday is going great so far too!
I thought I'd share what I did over the weekend as it was a pretty good one. As you may have already seen my mum owns a campervan and now and again we go away and camp over in the van. And the weekend just gone we went to a local vw campervan show for the weekend and camped over. Leading up to last weekend me and my mum did a lot of work on the van doing up bits and bobs inside and making it look more presentable and more enjoyable to be in.

We packed up lots of items to take with us like blankets, cushions, picnic food and things to do. We also used fairy lights to drape round the inside of the van and decorations to make it feel extra homely.

 Our homely campervan, decorated with fairy lights and paper fans.

Whilst we were there we looked around the different vintage and retro stalls, tried meals from the food stalls, including amazing wood oven pizzas from a stall there. There were also some great bands to listen to, inside a huge marquee which was especially cosy when it was raining. Yes the weather wasn't great the whole entire time which was a bit of a shame but cant be helped. We still had a super nice time just wandering around soaking up the festivaly vibes and looking round different campervans and vw cars, which I always really enjoy as I love seeing how everyone decorates and arranges the inside of their campervans.

 Really cute vintage stall - Ruby Tuesday Vintage if you want to check them out! They are based in Norwich and their stock was goorgeous!

 Loads of cute jumbly stalls of retro bits and bobs

 Amaazing, delicious wood oven pizzas from Proper Pizza Co.

We had scrummy breakfasts each morning, sitting inside our tent, using our mini stove we had porridge and pancakes. And in the evenings we'd sit out listening to the bands and then go back to our campervan and chat and watch things off our ipads till we got too sleepy. 

Me and my mum have come away with lots of ideas of different things we want to do to our campervan to make it look better and we want to start doing a few more little trips away to make more use out of it.

I hope you had a lovely day and thanks for reading!

Daisy x

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