Top 5 Countries I want to visit

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I've really loved the places in the world I have been to so far. Especially America and Amsterdam. I made some great memories in the places I've traveled to and I really enjoy being somewhere totally different and seeing new cultures. However there are still so many places I would love to visit. I've put together the top 5 countries on my list.

1. Iceland - I think Iceland looks so beautiful with the cosy cabins and snowy forests, it looks really magical. I've always wanted to try skiing so it would be an amazing place to try that out. It would also be so amazing to see the northenlights, definitely something that would be on my bucket list (if I had one)

2. Kenya - My absolute dream would be to visit somewhere in Africa and I think Kenya looks stunning. It would be amazing to stay in a Safari cabin to look out at the grassy fields and animals. If I ever got the chance to go I would love to go on a Safari or help out at an Elephant sanctuary and meet people there as it's such a different culture. 

3. India - Somewhere else that has a totally different culture and landscape to England is India and I think it looks beautiful. Seeing the Taj Mahal would be breathtaking and I would really love exploring all the different markets and towns. I love all the different patterns and colour that its full of and I feel like it would be such an amazing trip.

4. Italy - I've always loved the look of Verona in Italy. I would find it so interesting to visit Juliet's wall there where everyone sticks up their letters and notes to Juliet. Also the colourful, cobbled streets look so pretty and I would love just wandering around taking photos, going in and out of shops and obviously eating a load of pizza!

5. Brazil - Another nature filled place I would love to visit would be a tropical rainforest and I think that Brazil looks like an amazing place to go. The landscape is stunning and the beaches would be amazing too - another place I would love to go if I had the chance.

Hopefully I will at least get to visit a few of these places at some point! Have you visited any of my dream places? What would your dream places be?

Daisy x

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